FGBC Certifying Agents

How to Register as a "New" FGBC Certifying Agent:

Step 1:  Process your payment below.

Step 2:  Download the Certifying Agent Registration Form from the FGBC website and submit with supporting documents to FGBC via fax or email.

How to "Renew" your FGBC Certifying Agent Registration:

Step 1:  Confirm that your FGBC membership is current.

Step 2:  Download the Active Status Verification Form from the FGBC website and submit with supporting documentation for all credits via fax or email.

Step 3:  Process your renewal payment.

Step 4:  If you have not met the seven requirements on the Active Status Verification Form, you may attend an Annual Verification Course to satisfy all of those requirements, including the one home certification. Register and pay for the course

All Certifying Agent forms are available on the FGBC website at: www.FloridaGreenBuilding.org/certifying-agents